We chose to mate Daisy with Troy, who is owned by Wendy Glue, this summer.

Troy is a fine looking dog who has gained his Field Trial Champion status as a 3 year old in his first year at Open level. He is very athletic and very fast but has a lovely biddable nature and is a very natural game finding dog with a lovely temperament. He has a lovely head on him that is coming through in his litters.

He is fully health tested with 0/0 elbows and 0/2 hips. He has a current eye certificate (dated 02/19) and is DNA tested clear for SD2 and EIC and hereditary clear for PRA and CNM.

Verified Health Tests
Eye Examination : Unaffected – 4th February 2019
SD2 (dwarfism) : Clear – 22nd April 2018
EIC : Clear – 16th April 2018
Elbow Score : 0 – 24th June 2015
Hip Score : 0/2 = 2 – 24th June 2015
prcd-PRA : Hereditary Clear – 25th May 2014
CNM : Hereditary Clear – 25th May 2014

Interbreeding score for Troy – lower is better

Interbreeding score for puppies – lower is better