Self Build Plans

Having considered a range of options to extend and otherwise improve our home we have decided that the best way forward is via demolish and rebuild.

Martin & Rhiannon have always wanted to build there own home and now there is a chance that it could actually happen :-).

December 2020

We are close to submitting a planning application to demolish our home and build a better looking, more energy efficient family home in its place.

Please take some time to have a look at or plans and feel free to ask any questions or make any suggestions. If you like our ideas then we would very much appreciate you making a supporting comment on or planning application, in due course.

The Title of the Proposal is the “Demolition of existing 2 story detached dwelling, attached garage, attached barn, stables & outbuildings and construction of replacement 2 story dwelling & garage” but the details are what really matters.

In reality we wish to demolish our rather ugly 1960s chalet bungalow and build a ‘barn style’ home that we feel is much more appropriate for the site. The new home will be…

Better Looking: Better designed with more architecturally interesting features
Simplification of the site: The removal of the existing outbuildings will improve the look of the site
Less Obtrusive: Replacing the white windows and walls with more neutral colours
Larger: partly because we would like some more space, and partly because we need to be able to justify the huge investment.
More energy Efficient: We are aiming for a negative carbon footprint
Better Orientated: Maximising the views to the North and having South facing solar panels

Our Dream Home Design

It is a very practical home, with plenty of storage, a proper boot room where we can clean and dry the dogs after muddy walks at Sprivers and space for separate, ‘Home Working’, offices for Rhiannon and Martin. We were also keen to give the children larger bedrooms.

We have designed in a range of modern energy and water saving technologies to make the house as efficient as possible and lower running costs. I think that it is wrong that so many news homes are still being build without any real though for their impact on the environment.

Planned Environmental features include:
Extensive integrated, south facing, solar panels
Battery storage for night time power
Ground Source Heat pump for heating and hot water
Air Source heat pump for pool heating
MVHR system to extract the heat from expelled air and use it to warm the incoming fresh air
Rain water harvesting for flushing toilets, watering plants and topping up the pool.
Passive shading to reduce over heating in the summer whilst maximising solar gain in winter
Low energy lighting

We are also keen to add some luxuries such as the full height entrance lobby and a dedicated Cinema/Games room, Gym and indoor swimming pool…

Snapshots of the draft plans are here to give you an idea of our proposals

Existing and Proposed Site Plans

Proposed North Elevation and Ground Floor Plan

Roof Plan and First Floor Plan

Cross Sections for size Comparisons

Full Details of the draft application can be downloaded using the following links.

Thank you for looking at our plans, please feel free to ask any questions here